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Many shippers and carriers reply on availability alone to decide their needs. Realizing this, SALS have built an impressive organization geared towards serving their international transportation needs. Meeting present needs is only ever an interim solution. SALS takes the the longer view and is always looking for better, more efficient ways to help customer stay ahead.

In our F.C.L customer service our aspiring, trained & ; efficient team is ready to provide quick rates quote, competitive pricing, fast bill of lading turn around. Innovative solutions and design excellence have taken. SALS Shipping Logistic Services to the fore front of container technology.  

SALS, regularly ship a large volume of containers through our the world, and in particular to the Far East, Middle East, Europe, America, Australia, Sri-Lanka & ; Bangladesh.

The universal appeal of the dry box container resets o the simplicity of its design and its rugged durability.

SALS offers a fleet of dry 20' & ; 40' S.O.C containers from non-perishable cargoes which are most cost effective means of moving goods from the point of manufactures to the point of distribution.

We are moving our S.O.C containers between Karachi & ; Singapore, very successfully & ; can deliver our S.O.C containers (owned by the company) into any destination in the world. Where we can have inbound & ; out bound cargo.

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